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Dlucs_ Podcast

Oct 12, 2019

Last week I went out to London for a 2 day intensive training with the one and only Iman Gadzhi, who has built an online media MACHINE of a business for himself in just a 3 year timeframe and doing well over 80-100k/month (not only that, he's a pretty dope dude also). By far the best investment I have made in 2019,...

Oct 4, 2019

We always want to plan shit out, but what happens when thats all you do? I found myself PLENTY of times overthinking and over analyzing shit way before I could even put myself in the position to even make that move. Here's what I did, and hopefully it will help aid you

Sep 29, 2019

Every time. Every fucking time. We want that positive ROI on anything we put big $$ into. We hesitate to figure out if it's really worth it and start having second guess's. I put a $5,000 investment towards my education (multiple times) and it never made the promises they said it would on all the flashy videos...

Apr 23, 2019

Always revert back to your "why". Why are you continuing your journey even though it's getting tough, why did you choose this path in the first place. Your "why" will keep you longer in the game, and the more longterm your thinking is with the highest reward, the better.

Apr 17, 2019

A very interesting topic to some, because everyone has either experienced or seen someone go through it first hand. This is just some thoughts on something Grant Cardone said once, and I've been embracing more and have benefitted from.